Brooks reveals fashion blunders

EastEnders star Charlie Brooks has admitted she has been guilty of some fashion disasters at the British Soap Awards in the past.

The actress was cast as Albert Square schemer Janine Butcher when she was just 18, and revealed this meant some of her youthful style mistakes have been made in public.

Charlie told the EastEnders official website: "I've had several fashion disasters!

"One year I wore a dreadful black dress, awful shoes, awful make-up. The shoes were these pink flat gladiator sandals that tied up the whole of my leg. Absolutely horrendous!"

But the actress, nominated for Villain of the Year at the British Soap Awards 2011, said she wouldn't spend hours agonising in front of the mirror before this year's ceremony.

"I never spend ages getting ready - I'm a wash-up-and-go kind of girl. I'm so impatient, I just want to get it done and get out," she added.

And at least she's guaranteed to arrive in style.

Charlie said: "This year we're all getting coaches up to Manchester which is going to be lots of fun."

source - msn


Anonymous said…
where is Janine's purple top from please
I would also like to know where that purple top is from please?
I would also like to know where that purple top is from please?

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