Kat and Alfie add to Moon clan

Kat and Alfie Moon are about to welcome another new member to their blossoming family.

It's only been a week or so since the couple were reunited with Kat's baby son Tommy following the controversial baby-swap storyline, but they'll soon be raising Shenice Quinn too.

The Moons will take a break in Spain, where they bump into the youngster, who formed a bond with Alfie during her stay in Albert Square back in March. He and Kat will then persuade her mum Martina that Shenice would be better off with them.

An insider told The Sun: "Poor old Shenice has not been having a great time in Spain with her mum, who won't win any prizes for mother of the year.

"Martina may be an old friend, but Kat is fed up because she keeps neglecting her daughter and going on the razz. She seems incapable of settling down."

The youngster will again be played by Lacey Turner's nine-year-old sister Lily Harvey.

source - msn


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