Masood's hidden musical talents?

EastEnders actor Nitin Ganatra has said he would love his character to discover a talent for music.

Masood is busy trying to save his struggling restaurant business, but Nitin has decided his character used to want to be a singer and would love for him to explore music as a hobby.

The soap star revealed: "I would love for him to have a secret love for jazz music. It'd be nice for him to have just little things that you wouldn't expect him to do, like dancing or take up a musical instrument. He wanted to be a pop star in his youth."

If taking up a new hobby isn't unexpected enough, Nitin has plans for a new career for Masood.

"Alternatively I'd like to see him become a therapist for gangsters, to have a calming effect on Phil Mitchell," he joked.

Over the past few months alone, Masood has had to deal with his wife's first husband showing up in Albert Square and his restaurant collapsing, tempting him to start gambling.

On top of that he doesn't yet know that his son Tamwar, whose wedding he's been saving up for, is already married, while his older son Syed is planning to marry his boyfriend so they can start a family.

source - msn


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