Michael Moon's fatal attraction?

Michael Moon is set to develop a dangerous obsession with Ronnie Branning, sister of his girlfriend Roxy.

Viewers are already aware that the character, played by Steve John Shepherd, isn't exactly a goody-two-shoes, but according to the Daily Star, Michael is about to reveal a very dark side.

It's rumoured he will ask Roxy to wear the same perfume as Ronnie, and will be seen sneaking into Ronnie's room to watch her sleep, and rooting around in her underwear drawer.

An insider said: "Everyone knows Michael has a mean streak but he is set to get a whole lot worse. He's trying to meddle in as many people's lives as possible. It seems he wants Ronnie all to himself. But what exactly is he up to?"

EastEnders' executive producer Bryan Kirkwood has already compared Michael to the villainous Archie Mitchell, who also terrorised troubled Ronnie.

source - msn


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