Nitin: I hated Masood's dress sense

Nitin Ganatra has confessed he's pleased his EastEnder's character has developed a better dress sense.

The soap star, who has played Masood Ahmed for over three years, admits he didn't like having to wear a uniform when Masood worked as a postman, and is pleased he has smartened up his wardrobe since starting his own business.

Nitin revealed: "What I used to dislike most about him was his dress sense - but he has got better now. He's now wearing suits, which I love, the postman uniform did nothing for his physique."

And there are sides to Masood's character that Nitin has always liked.

He said: "I really like his wit, it's what I love to build my character on. He's really witty in nearly every situation, and he's intelligent with this.

"Masood is no fool. His major problem is that he's trying to make everyone happy, and that can lead you down the wrong path."

source - msn


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