Richie: I've left my mark on Corrie

Shane Richie joked at the British Soap Awards that he had taken advantage of the opportunity to leave his mark on Coronation Street.

The EastEnders' actor wisecracked at the Manchester-based event: "I just snuck onto the Rovers Return set and sprayed on the wall 'Alfie was here' and they're going to go ape s***."

Shane, who plays Alfie Moon, was delighted EastEnders had done so well in the nominations, after it had faced so much controversy over the baby swap storyline.

He said: "If it's all about viewing figures then no. If it's all about a popularity contest, I don't know.

"It caused controversy, but I'd hate to think that EastEnders would be guilty of mediocrity because we're certainly not that. We certainly pushed the parameters back more so than other soaps, but whether we get it right all the time, that's not for me to say."

Scott Maslen, whose character Jack Branning was also part of the baby swap plot, said the controversial storyline had been good for the cast.

He said: "I think the controversy that came in that story sharpened everybody up, and we all knew we had the potential in the cast to tell it in a good way.

"You want to be challenged, you want to have stuff to get your teeth into and everybody did on that. They were good episodes to be in."

source - msn


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