Rudolph remains in Square saddle

Rudolph Walker says he has no plans to quit EastEnders - and will remain with the soap until bosses tell him his services are no longer required.

The 71-year-old actor has played Albert Square's Patrick Trueman for 11 years, and despite taking on the extra work of a new scheme to promote drama among school children in Edmonton, North London, he insists he has no plans to leave the show.

Rudolph told The Voice: "Actors don't retire. We drop down on the job. I am enjoying it. I am enjoying life. It's great.

"[I have] absolutely no plans to retire. I am certainly in EastEnders until next year January. We'll see whether they renew my contract."

Rudolph was born in the West Indies, but emigrated to the UK in 1960. He quickly became a familiar face thanks to numerous TV and film credits, making appearances in the likes of Doctor Who, The Thin Blue Line, Love Thy Neighbour and 10 Rillington Place.

The Rudolph Walker School Drama Awards involve 70 children from schools in Edmonton, North London, who will produce and star in their own original plays. Those deemed the best will receive awards at a ceremony on May 22.

source - msn


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