Spoilers for 16-20 May 2011

Monday 16 May 2011

Alfie and Kat's happiness at Tommy's christening is under threat when they receive shocking news from the police, in the week's first visit to Walford.

An anxious Roxy waits to hear whether Ronnie has been granted bail.

Meanwhile, Lauren is thrown by Mercy's surprise admission and Jane attempts to keep the peace with Ian for Bobby's sake

Tuesday 17 May 2011

Jane finds an unlikely ally at her divorce hearing but Ian's underhand tactics threaten to derail her case, as the drama continues in Albert Square.

Elsewhere, Zainab and Masood make an unexpected decision about Tam and Afia's future as they prepare for the reopening of the Argee Bhajee.

Meanwhile, Michael is furious to discover Ronnie holed up in Roxy's flat.

Finally, Dot extends a supporting hand to Jack in his hour of need.

Thursday 19 May 2011

A terrified Ronnie steels herself as she finally comes face-to-face with a vengeful Kat, in the latest action from Walford.

Elsewhere, Ian's shock announcement leads Jane to make a heartbreaking decision, while Masood tries desperately to salvage his relationship with Zainab in the wake of recent revelations.

Friday 20 May 2011

Christian and Syed fret when their meeting with the adoption agency doesn't go according to plan, in the week's final visit to Walford.

Meanwhile, Ian is choked when he is forced to wave farewell to a part of his history.


Anonymous said…
I think I know why Ian and Jane are getting divorced. It's because the actress who play's Jane (Laurie Brett) is expecting he first child.....THIS MONTH!!! So she's gonna leave Walfordfor a little bit and then come back. Who knows? Only she does. But I also have some sad news. I might quit watching EE. I am getting critticized for watching it here in the USA. I am just gonna stick to watching Invader Zim and Lucky Star. It was nice while it lasted but I just don't enjoy it anymore.
Anonymous said…
Hello. I know you. Your the person who said something about the techno song sandstorm, tried to warn BBC producers to cancel the baby swap plot, was mad at your English teacher, congratuated Laurie Brett on her first child, and did the funny war comment. You wrote about all of those things on this blog. I can tell your are a female from America by the time's you post and how you explain your life compared to theirs. I can also tell your a tomboy because of the war thing. Look, I will miss your comments about your life and I will listen to sandstorm in your honor. Anyway, looks like a wierd & sad week...... OK!!!!! DON'T GO AWAY YOU PSYCHO BLOGGER!!! I WILL MISS YOU!!!
Anonymous said…
Is this the same person who wrote the Fred comment? If so, I watched the movie and your right. the song in that video is from Fred the movie. I will miss you and your psycho comments.
P.S. My favorite character from EE is Jane so can you tell me when the actress has her baby? Please?

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