Tanya Jessop makes a move - on Max!

EastEnders' Jo Joyner has revealed Tanya will only ever love one man - Max Branning.

Tanya Jessop only recently tied the knot with Greg, but she's about to cheat on him, with ex-husband Max. The pair shared a clandestine kiss on her wedding day, but things are set to go much further than that in the weeks to come.

Jo Joyner revealed at the British Soap Awards: "I think she's probably always going to be in love with Max. You can't help that I think. She's a one man woman, so that's inevitable really."

While Tanya wrestles with her conscience over Greg, Max doesn't think twice about cheating on girlfriend Vanessa (Zoe Lucker), who will be devastated once the affair is out in the open.

And Max and Tanya's daughters will be not be impressed when they find out what their parents has been up to.

Even though Abi had thought she'd like her parents back together, the girls are horrified to learn their mum is having an affair.

Jake Wood who plays Max revealed: "Max is kind of lovesick at the moment. He wants Tanya back.

"There's some really great stuff coming up with me and Jo Joyner and I'm really excited to be back working with her a bit more.

"There's some lovely stuff coming up with Zoe Lucker so it's an exciting time for the Brannings.

source - msn


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