Woodyatt: Ian Beale needs a break

Adam Woodyatt reckons Ian Beale needs to be a single man, if he is to get his life on track.

The EastEnders stalwart, best known for playing the hapless landlord, has spent the past three decades ricocheting from one woman to the next, and finally seemed to have settled down with fourth wife Jane.

However, in recent years, their marriage has been a real rollercoaster ride, and next week, it seems Jane (Laurie Brett) can take no more of Ian's bad behaviour, so she packs her bags and moves on.

"He isn't ready to let go of her - but I think he needs to start rebuilding his life on his own," he told Soaplife.

While Ian is reluctant to let go of Jane without a fight, she's determined to move on.

He said: "He watches, heartbroken, as Jane moves out. He's devastated. He's had a string of marriages that never worked out, but Jane was always there caring for and loving him. He desperately apologises and tries to get her to stay, telling her he loves her - but it's too late."

Jane will, however be back - as Laurie is currently on maternity leave.

source - msn


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