Janine Malloy to become a millionaire

Janine, played by Charlie Brooks, sinks to new lows when Ian Beale fires her from the fish and chip shop and she is forced to beg brother Ricky for money.

But her begging days look set to be over once the contents of late grandmother Lydia’s will are revealed, making her the richest woman on the Square.

An EastEnders source said: 'Janine has been feeling more alone than ever since her gran died. She's homeless and broke, and no-one really believes her that her grief is for real. She even has to beg Ricky to lend her a tenner.

‘When boss Ian refuses to give her an advance on her wages, Janine tries to chuck cold chip fat on him. But she ends up tipping it on herself. Ian fires her, so she loses her job as well as her dignity.'

But things begin to look up for Janine when a mystery man turns up at the door.

The source added to Inside Soap: ‘Janine originally thinks he's a debt collector out to get her. But the chap reveals the details of Lydia's will. Janine thought her gran was leaving everything to charity, so she's gobsmacked to hear she's got the lot!

‘The money can't replace Lydia. But Janine will enjoy lording it over all her enemies now she's rich!'


Anonymous said…
Cnt wait 4 this I reckon she shud lord it around big style buy a nice house on the square n shud should get to own the vic

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