Shona: Whitney's a fashion disaster

EastEnders star Shona McGarty has confessed she hates her on-screen wardrobe.

The 19-year-old actress plays troubled teen Whitney Dean and told Reveal magazine she would never be tempted to steal any of her alter ego's clothes.

Shona said: "I don't like her clothes. Her two worst items are a blue hat she wore at the beginning, which has now mysteriously disappeared.

"And there's a also a pink-lilac fluffy jacket that comes out every now and again. Her outfits always clash."

The soap star is at ease with her own appearance - she is only 5ft 2ins tall but would prefer that to being a six foot blonde.

She laughed: "The worst thing is when you're on a night out and you're at eye level with someone, but then you take your shoes off!

"The best thing is that it's cute. Most guys prefer small women to big, lanky things. My mum is smaller than me - she's only 5ft!''

source - msn


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