Video: Masood Watches Tamwar & Afia's Wedding Procession

Masood watches Tamwar and Afia's wedding procession from a distance. He looks on as Yusef walks with his arm around Tamwar.


alicemonkey123 said…
I treallly think that yusef is upto something. He wants to get rid of Masood once and for all. Also i think that yusef wants zinab and the only reson he is going out with denise is beacuse she is zainnabs mate(or was her friend.) However i thought the wedding drums were loud and very anoying. Over all, i think its sweet that they are getting maried but they allready are maried and surly the mosque would know that!? -Alicemonkey123
justin lamnea said…
i think masud should havw an affer with denise to top it all of no one gets anyone in the end till it all carmes down and masdud pleads to come home

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