Spoilers for 25-29 July 2011

Monday 25 July 2011

Anthony Moon arrives on the square and helps his father scam new work premises, but the day ends in disaster, in tonight's visit to Albert Square.

Lola continues to flirt with Jay but he isn't interested, however Lola proves that she means serious business when she takes revenge on someone who pokes fun at Billy.

Elsewhere, Roxy questions her family loyalties when Phil steps in after she catches Ryan dealing drugs.

Tuesday 26 July 2011

Michael calls a truce with Jack in tonight's visit to Walford. However, the peace doesn't last long when Eddie tells Jack some shocking news.

Tanya turns down Greg's affectionate advances and runs back into Max's arms. And when Dot finds Rainie in a bad way from the night before, she offers her some support.

Thursday 28 July 2011

Eddie receives some shocking information. Jack feels guilty when he realises the truth and tries to make amends with Michael but Michael is more interested in getting revenge on Eddie, in tonight's visit to Albert Square.

Meanwhile, Rainie insists she is a reformed character and tries to spread the word of the Bible.

Liam reveals some shocking information to Eddie that makes him regret jumping to conclusions; and Billy, Lola and Julie prepare for the arrival of the social worker but things don't go to plan when they find out their house is up for let.

Friday 29 July 2011

Michael continues with his plan of revenge against Eddie, and suggests a way for Tyler to channel his aggression, in tonight's visit to Walford.

Jean's crush on Eddie develops, and she is intrigued to find out more about him when a mysterious envelope arrives in his name.

Rainie reveals the truth about Ryan to Lauren, but will this really put a stop to her feelings for him?


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