Wood: Max will always love Tanya

EastEnders' Max Branning will always have a soft spot for ex-wife Tanya, says Jake Wood.

Walford's most unlikely heartbreaker played by actor Jake - may be engaged to fiancee Vanessa (Zoe Lucker), but is having an affair with Tanya, and Jake reckons he will never learn his lesson when it comes to love.

"Max thinks he can wriggle out of anything! He's convinced he's always one step ahead of the rest of the world and that he's far smarter than everyone else," he told Inside Soap.

"We've seen all this before - Max enjoys the machinations of an illicit affair."

And despite daughter Lauren cottoning onto the clandestine romance and making death threats, the actor doubts anything would change for his alter-ego soon.

"Max is capable of loving more than one woman. I think that he believed he might be able to suppress his feelings for Tanya by committing to Vanessa, but he's always going to be drawn to Tanya, no matter who else is in his life," he added.

source - msn


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