Sam Womack: 'Part of me misses EastEnders'

Samantha Womack says she misses EastEnders.

The actress, 38, quit her role as Ronnie Branning after four years on the BBC One soap and is taking to the stage this month in the musical South Pacific.

She told Woman & Home magazine: "Part of me misses EastEnders and Ronnie. Working for long stretches, day in, day out, I knew exactly how she'd think and feel.

"From the first day of discussing the character, it was clear she was damaged - with a background of abuse - and, as an actress, that was an amazing opportunity. It was demanding, but always fulfilling."

In the most complained-about scenes in the show's history, Samantha's character Ronnie lost her baby to cot death before swapping him with Kat Moon's newborn Tommy.

The storyline was cleared by media regulator Ofcom despite thousands of complaints.

Samantha, 38, said: "For scenes that needed to be really gut-wrenching, I delved deep inside myself to portray grief.

"I felt huge sadness when Ronnie lost her baby, but when you act, you do learn how to protect yourself from the emotions you're portraying."

Samantha denied she was verbally abused by viewers following the storyline.

"It was amazing how the public took Ronnie to their hearts," she told the September issue of the mag. "The newspaper stories about people yelling at me in the street when she swapped her baby were rubbish. It never happened."


Anonymous said…
she did end do that for her own life but she had the right thing to do but shes a good mom to that baby and William devane watched her doing it when it happened alreadyshe give the baby to me and thas done

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