Love triangle for Whitney Dean

EastEnders Whitney Dean will be involved in a love triangle in an upcoming storyline.

The troubled character played by Shona McGarty will have to choose between Tyler Moon and Fatboy Chubb when both decide to start pursuing her following her sex exploitation drama, where she was forced into prostitution.

A source said: "Whitney's had an awful year and a new romance is just what she needs to help her move on.

"She'll need to choose wisely in deciding who will be the best boyfriend."

Whitney has already been getting close to Fatboy played by Ricky Norwood after he comforted her when her brother Ryan confronted pimp Rob Grayson on Southend Pier.

However, choosing might be troublesome for the character, as Shona has previously revealed her alter-ego has a "warped view" about relationships following sexual abuse at the hands of her step-father Tony King.

She told The Sun: "Whitney has a warped view of relationships. There hasn't been a man in her life she could really trust. She thought she loved Tony and didn't realise he was abusing her."


jigglybubs said…
I think Whitney will choose Tyler because she loves to go for the bad boys! If she's sensible she will pick Fatboy but I doubt that will happen
Anonymous said…
Whitney is the EE Slapper!!! Boring as Hell and its annoying. The 'Moon's can act especially the two new recruits. EE storylines get a grip or loose viewers.
Anonymous said…
that last comment was disgusting, why exactly is whitney a slapper? she has only had three real bfs that werent abusing her or forcing her to have sex with there "friends" one of which died one while she was still greeving for billy and then the idiot that slept with her step gran, you are a awful person to say such a thing as if being abused from a young age makes you a slapper
Anonymous said…
Hang on a minute. Is this real or is it a soap. Get a life both of you Ffs. !!
Anonymous said…
If I see one more story line with Whitney and a man who will use and abuse her I will scream! Can't you please make her a character with a bit of a brain!

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