Whitney won't notice Fatboy

EastEnders Whitney Dean is too "wrapped up" in Tyler Moon to notice Fatboy Chubb likes her.

The troubled character played by Shona McGarty finds herself at the centre of a love triangle when both decide to pursue her following her sex exploitation drama, where she was forced into prostitution, but Shona believes Tyler will emerge the winner.

She said: "Deep down Whitney really fancies Tyler. She gets butterflies when she sees him and feels all nervous when he's around. Those are the kind of feelings a girl her age should be having but given the way her childhood was snatched away from her, I think it's the first time Whitney has really felt this way.

"She'd definitely pick Tyler because she likes a bit of drama. Whitney wouldn't want things to be boring - that's not to say Fatboy's dull but things would just be too nice with him and she knows life isn't like that the whole time."

However, Shona admits Whitney does have a soft spot for Fatboy and hasn't ruled out a romantic relationship between them in the future.

She told Inside Soap magazine: "She's too wrapped up in Tyler to even notice that Fatboy really likes her. Whitney really feels comfortable with him, though, so there's a possibility that something more could develop. He's been there for her through the hard times."


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