Daughter heartbreak for Roxy Mitchell

EastEnders' Roxy Mitchell is forced to hand over custody of her daughter Amy to Jack Branning.

The buxom blonde is devastated when she learns the little girl was taken to hospital while she was on a night out with friends, and after medics also discover she has a fractured wrist from an earlier injury, social services tell her the youngster must stay with her father or be taken into care.

Rita Simons, who plays Roxy, said: "The social worker talks to Roxy and wants to know why she didn't bring her in earlier.

"It turns out that Amy had broken her arm a few days before the accident. Roxy had absolutely no idea - she thought Amy was fine - but the social worker sees neglect."

The troubles start when Roxy agrees to leave Amy with Ben Mitchell for a while until Jack - played by Scott Maslen - arrives to take care of her but the troubled teenager slopes downstairs to Jack's flat with his friend Jay.

With Amy left alone, she decides to run a bath for her doll and when the boys return from snooping they discover her lying facedown in the water.

Roxy doesn't find out until the following day, when she rushes to the hospital to be greeted by social services.

Jack also speaks to social services and tells all about Roxy's troubled family, including Ben's criminal record, leaving the workers to shock Roxy with their verdict.

Rita added to Inside Soap magazine: "Jack makes out she's an unfit mother and takes Amy.

"She's hysterical, crying, 'You can't take my baby' but social services are on his side. Jack won't even let Roxy say goodbye to Amy."


Anonymous said…
That kid is like a rag doll, doesn't talk, doesn't have any facial expressions, she does run away first chance she gets, or runs a bath, so she must be real, not surprised she could suffer a broken arm and no one would know.

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