Jane Beale to covert to Islam

The downtrodden cafe workerwho left Albert Square when her marriage to Ian Beale failed - returns to find close friend Masood Ahmed has split from wife Zainab and they embark on a romance.

However, Jane's new man asks her to convert to his religion, and while she agrees to do so, she has problems adjusting at first.

A source told the daily Star newspaper: "She struggles a bit at first, like when she makes him a lamb curry that he can't eat because it's not Halal.

"But she's determined to do whatever it takes to be with him. He cares and respects her more than Ian ever did.

"For the first time, she's really happy and she doesn't want to do anything to jeopardise that.

"The only thing she finds really tough is giving up the booze."

When Jane returns to Albert Square, she is in for a shock as Ian has already moved on and is planning to marry Mandy Salter.

Nicola Stapleton, who plays the mouthy blonde, expects Jane's return to "spice things up" between the pair.

She said: "I really hope she comes back at the worst possible moment. That would spice things up a bit, wouldn't it?"


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