Janine wages war on the Mitchells

EastEnders Janine Butcher is to wage war on the Mitchell family in Walford's "bloodiest feud yet".

The scheming temptress played by Charlie Brooks quickly finds herself at odds with the entire Mitchell gang when she cruelly evicts Roxy from her flat just days after she loses custody of her daughter when the authorities deem her an unfit mother.

An insider said: "Phil gets wind of what's going on and decides to lay the law down to Janine. He gives her a real mouthful, but Janine stands up to him. Then her boyfriend Michael wades in, and soon threats are flying."

However, when Phil trashes Janine's flat, the newly-loaded heiress who inherited millions from her late grandmother Lydia Simmonds warns him not to mess with her.

The source added to Inside Soap magazine: "Phil trashes the flat Janine took from Roxy. Janine goes mad and warns Phil that she's the last person he wants as an enemy. Money has given her power."

Conniving Janine is given yet more ammunition when she breaks her tooth on a bullet lodged in a piece of meat while eating lunch in the cafe, exposing the fact that Phil's girlfriend Shirley Carter has been using dodgy supplies.

The informant continued: "Janine may have a chance to break Shirley and Phil - but as she's shoved out of the cafe by Phil, it's clear that he'll fight back hard. Could this be the beginning of Walford's bloodiest feud yet?"


Anonymous said…
hey what episode was that, when Janine evicts Roxy and then Phil and others enact revenge?

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