Tamwar Masood disfigured in EastEnders blaze

EastEnders' Tamwar Masood will be left horribly disfigured following a house fire on Christmas Day (25.12.11).

The Indian restaurant worker is set to face months of plastic surgery to recover from his horrific injuries following the terrifying blaze and although his young wife Afia vows to stand by him, the burns suffered by Tamwar put a huge strain on their marriage.

A source explained: "Tamwar is lucky to be alive after the fire. He escapes but suffers serious scars to his face and it causes depression."For the actor it is going to be a huge challenge with a new look."

Soap veteran Pat Evans played by Pam St. Clement is set to leave Albert Square on Christmas Day and in order to keep her method of departure a surprise three different endings have been filmed, with one seeing her dying in the fire in which Tamwar also gets injured.

A source told the Daily Mirror newspaper: "When bosses built a special set for a huge fire in the Square everyone thought that was definitely how Pat was going to go."

But now there is talk of a second person dying in the flames. And the two other options can be added in at the last minute. There are even gaps in the scripts being given to cast members so the news can't leak out.The whole place is buzzing with what is going to happen."


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