Spoilers for 24-30 December 2011

Saturday 24 December 2011

Masood and Zainab try to foil Yusef's plan to go to Pakistan, but has Yusef cottoned on to their scheming?

Meanwhile, Phil is determined to catch his stalker and stages a stake-out, but will his stalker fall into the trap?

Elsewhere, Christian arrives back on the Square, but how will he react when he learns of Syed and Amira's plans?

Also today, Bianca and Kat join forces to throw a Christmas Eve party for families, but will Janine spoil the Christmas cheer?

Sunday 25 December 2011

As Masood frantically searches for Kamil, Zainab finally stands up to Yusef, but what consequences will this have for her family and the rest of the

Meanwhile, at Tanya's, everyone tries their best to have an upbeat Christmas - but there is a struggle of power between Max and

Elsewhere, Denise opens a mysterious present on Christmas Day revealing a shocking secret about one of the residents in Walford.

At the same time, everyone comes together for Christmas dinner at the Mitchells', but Shirley is put off her food when she finds out some shocking news about Phil's

Also today, Alfie overhears Jean and Kat having a heart-to-heart, but will it reveal some shocking home truths?

Monday 26 December 2011

As evil Yusef seeks his revenge on Zainab and Masood, his actions erupt in explosive consequences, putting the entire Square in danger.

Tuesday 27 December 2011

It's the morning after the night before and the residents of Albert Square are all still trying to comprehend the events of Christmas night and the damage that's been done.

Meanwhile, Shirley confronts Phil's stalker, but with all the other commotion happening on the Square, how long will it take her to reveal their identity to Phil?

Elsewhere, Derek finds himself an unexpected new apprentice in Liam, but how will Pat react when she sees the two of them working together in the Square?

Thursday 29 December 2011

Following her latest turn, Pat is in hospital awaiting the results of more tests but, behind the doctors' backs, she checks herself out of the ward. What will it take for her to face up to the reality of her situation?

Meanwhile, buckling under his guilt, Patrick comes clean to Denise and Kim, but how will they react when they find out the truth?

Elsewhere, Bianca challenges Janine over her tormenting Pat over the loan she took out, but her outburst leaves the family scrambling for cash when Janine moves up the repayment deadline.

Friday 30 December 2011

Kat and Alfie throw a first birthday party for Tommy but, while Jean makes enough food to feed all of Walford, will the celebrations bring the couple closer together?

Meanwhile, Michael and Janine head to The Vic for Tommy's first birthday together, however when Janine storms out halfway through the celebrations, he's confused. What has Janine got to hide?

Elsewhere, with the added pressure of meeting Janine's new repayment deadline, Ricky, Bianca, Carol and the children all work together to find the money in time, with each making some personal sacrifices.


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