Pam almost didn't watch her last scene

Pam St Clement has revealed that she almost didn't watch her final scene on EastEnders.

Millions of viewers saw the emotional moment when Pat Butcher died in the soap after 26 years.

But she told OK! magazine: "I wasn't going to watch it, because I thought I would say 'you silly moo, what have you done!'

"I was going to watch it on my own, but my family said they really wanted to see it, so I watched it with them and I was actually quite quiet."

She added: "I was quite critical of myself. I'm still watching the show. In fact I think I enjoy it more now!"

The actress was speaking at the 40th birthday party of EastEnders star Sid Owen (Ricky Butcher).

Guest Perry Fenwick (Billy Mitchell) said Sid was a practical joker.

"I once had a scene behind the bar of the Vic with Sid and he took off his trousers and because you can't see anything from the waist down he did the scene with a completely straight face," he said.


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