Spoilers for 13-17 February 2012

Monday 13 February 2012

Heather is excited when Andrew tells her to book a babysitter, as he planning a surprise. However, when Shirley needs her best friend Heather asks Andrew if he would mind if she saw Shirley instead - and is shocked by his reaction.

Max and Tanya both worry about their relationship without speaking to each other. Cora soon realises that Tanya is scared of never feeling like a woman again.

Meanwhile Derek continues to manipulate a situation with Jack to get one over the Mitchells.

Tuesday 14 February 2012

When Alfie returns home he is worried to see that Derek has taken advantage of his absence. But when he brings it up with Derek, Alfie ends up agreeing to another 'business' deal.

Fat Boy is showering Whitney with Valentine's day gifts, but rather than enjoy the attention Whitney feels suffocated. Meanwhile, Lucy can see that Tyler has feelings for Whitney and after knocking her back she decides to manipulate the situation to give Tyler a taste of his own medicine.

After taking some advice from Dot, Andrew encourages Heather to spend the evening with Shirley as long as she is home before midnight as he has made plans. However, Heather and Shirley hit the town and they soon end up crashed out on the sofa

Thursday 16 February 2012

Fat Boy is excited about taking Whitney to Paris, but Whitney starts to worry that she sees Fat Boy as a friend rather than a boyfriend and realises what she has to do.

Heather panics when she wakes up on Shirley’s sofa and rushes home to find the remnants of the romantic evening that Andrew had prepared. Worried about Andrew’s reaction, Heather tracks him down and tells him how much her life has changed over the year, leaving Andrew unable to stay angry at her. Meanwhile, Dot and Rose continue to bicker over the wedding plans.

Alfie does his best to avoid Derek, still regretting going into business with him. When he finally speaks to Derek, Alfie tries to get out of their deal - but it’s clear that there is no turning back.

Friday 17 February 2012

Heather becomes aware of Andrew’s growing resentment towards Shirley and her interference in their relationship.

It soon becomes too much for Heather and she storms out, leaving Andrew to tell Shirley that when he and Heather are married nobody will come between them.

Tyler is gutted when he realises that he has messed things up with Whitney once again and this time he may also have lost Fat Boy as a friend.

Meanwhile, Tamwar is crushed when he misreads Afia's reaction for disgust. 


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