Spoilers for 30 Jan- 3 Feb 2012

Monday 30 January 2012

Panic ensues when Derek threatens the Moon brothers for the money they owe him. The boys are in a race against time - but as all their sources dry up will they have to face the wrath of Derek Branning?

When Tyler helps Whitney out with her driving lessons it is clear that there is still a spark between the two. Determined to forget her feelings for Tyler, Whitney puts her efforts into spending time with Fat Boy, but will she be able to stay away from Tyler?

When Kim organises a fitness class ‘Kimba!’ at the community centre, Andrew takes Heather along as a surprise and the girls are shocked to discover Andrew’s secret talent.

Tuesday 31 January 2012

Anthony and Tyler discover how nasty Derek really is when he offers them a way out of debt. Panicking, Anthony asks for help from an unlikely person.

Fat Boy is still fuming following last night’s events, but after words with both Dot and Bianca he relents and goes to find Whitney. But will she forgive him?

Heather is angry at Andrew for lying to her, but when she challenges him Andrew surprises her with a grand gesture.

Thursday 2 February 2012

Terrified of the repercussions from the events from last night Anthony and Tyler wait anxiously for news from Derek

Heather is excited to share her news with the residents of Walford, but the in-fighting amongst the Mitchells and another of Walford’s couples threatens to ruin it for her.

Whitney finds herself caught in the middle between Jack and Roxy when she gives them some advice about Amy, but will her actions lead to more problems for her?

Friday 3 February 2012

Derek plays on a fragile Ben’s emotions, persuading him that he could take charge of his own life now he is estranged from the Mitchells, but it seems Ben has changed his mind when he tells Shirley he is ready to see Phil.

Whitney faces losing her job following Roxy’s interference, will Bianca and Jack be able to talk her round or is Whitney back to where she started?

Ian tries his best to bond with Lucy but it’s clear that Mandy’s presence at the Beale house is not making her happy.


Anonymous said…
wow!!! that is some good stuff lucy you are a grate writer i can't wait to see the episodes now !!!! XD

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