Cheryl Fergison reveals Downton Abbey ambitions

EastEnders actress Cheryl Fergison has revealed she would love to win a role in Downton Abbey now that she is leaving Albert Square.

Speaking to Inside Soap magazine the actress - who has played Heather Trott for almost five years - thinks her CV makes her an ideal candidate for ITV1's hit costume drama.

"I'd really love to be in Downton Abbey," Cheryl said.

"Before I got EastEnders I used to do lots of 'under stairs' roles, but perhaps I could go upstairs this time and prance around a bit. I'd love to do all that."

Heather is tipped to have a dramatic exit from EastEnders following reports that she will be murdered by Ben Mitchell - and while Cheryl told the magazine she has loved her time on the show she is looking forward to the future.

"I've watched EastEnders since the day it started when I was a student in Manchester," she said."I've loved being here and every minute of playing Heather."

"But now I can do anything I want, so it's really exciting. If I could have a wish list I'd love to go to Morocco and do documentaries with my husband, Yassine."


Heather is fat said…
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Anonymous said…
not everyone is fit, ...hev's got her place in the square, overweight she may be, but look around your street, hev's a reflection of a real life person. she works hard, is loved by her friends, is a mom, and is going to get married with the hopes of leading a happy life.

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