EastEnders Steve thinks Michael will be a bad dad

EastEnders star Steve John Shepherd has said he pities Michael and Janine's baby as he doesn't think his character will be a good father.

The soap star plays bad boy Michael Moon, who is dating EastEnders villain Janine Butcher, and told Inside Soap they will not make stable parents.

Steve said: "I pity Michael and Janine's baby!

"How would I rate his skills as a father? Quite low. Imagine Michael changing a nappy! But he sees this as a chance to redeem himself."

Though the news of the baby seems to have been good for Janine and Michael's relationship, Steve revealed this won't last.

He said: "The relationship is going to get very fraught and rocky - mountainous, actually.

"I gather that Janine has made a habit of killing off her husbands, so Michael will have to keep one eye open where she's concerned!"

And Steve admitted playing a villain has made him unpopular with viewers.

He revealed: "One woman screamed at me. And there was a little girl who hid behind her mum and wouldn't speak! It was quite upsetting, but the flip-side is that they clearly believe in the drama."


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