Is Alfie about to romance Roxy in EastEnders?

EastEnders’ lovable landlord Alfie Moon is rumoured to be about to embark on a passionate romance with Roxy Mitchell.

At one point Roxy even moves into the flat above the Queen Victoria and soap bosses are considering a shocking storyline where Kat returns to find Shane and Roxy in each others’ arms.

A show source said: “It’s been clear for a while that Roxy has a soft spot for Alfie, but things are going to heat up in the coming months.

“She begins to work with him more and more at the Queen Vic, and Alfie’s feelings for Roxy then begin to grow.

“When she has some problems at home, he invites her to stay for a while in a room at the Queen Vic, even though he knows Kat will hit the roof is he finds out.

“That is when their relationship will get really serious, and there is a real potential this will ruin Alfie’s marriage and cause fights and fury across the Square.”


Dee said…
Whaaaat. Are Alfie and Kat ever going to get it together? It's getting old.
Anonymous said…
all of a sudden, I'm getting sick of all these affairs amongst the regulars on the Square.
yeah, i can see it happening with Max, ah, such a nice husband, so understanding of his wife who has had cervical cancer...why doesn't Tanya have counselling? Oh yeah, because there'd be no affairs then if Max didn't have an excuse to get it on with....i dunno, anyone wearing a skirt I guess.

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