Jo Joyner tries to laugh off Tanya's storyline

Jo Joyner has explained how she tries to switch off from her EastEnders' cancer storyline when she walks through her front door.

The actress plays Tanya Branning, who has been battling cervical cancer, in the BBC One soap.

Jo said that she feels 'relieved' when she gets home that her life is not like her EastEnders alter-ego's, the Daily Star quoted her as saying.

"I go home and laugh even more hysterically than I would normally because of what's happening to Tanya," she said.

"Saying that, my husband doesn't agree. He thinks I carry it all more than I think I do."

The actress added: "He says I come back miserable, but once I've put the kids in the bath and had a laugh then I feel good again."


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