Nicola Stapleton 'enjoying' new side to Mandy

EastEnders actress Nicola Stapleton has admitted that she is enjoying having the chance to show a different side of her character Mandy, rather than playing her as a bad girl all the time.

Speaking to Inside Soap, she revealed that the arrival of her screen mother - played by actress Victoria Alcock - is helping to bring out Mandy's vulnerable side.

"The relationship between Mandy and her mum helps make Mandy multifaceted. I don't want to play just a bitch," she said.

However Nicola added that she hoped viewers would also approve of the change in her alter ego.

"When you play a really prickly character like Mandy, it's nice to take a look at why they behave like that," she said.

"Whether it'll make viewers warm to her, I don't know. People love Mandy when she's awful!"


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