Perry Fenwick: 'Danielle's a cheeky so-and-so'

Perry Fenwick has joked that his EastEnders co-star Danielle Harold is as 'cheeky' as her soap alter ego.

The 49-year-old plays Billy Mitchell, who is kept on his toes by granddaughter Lola Pearce, and he told Inside Soap that the 19-year-old actress teases him off-screen too.

"She can be a cheeky little so-and-so, can Dan," he laughed.

"One of the cameramen was talking to me about my role in Mona Lisa (the 1986 film) the other day, and Danielle piped up, 'Was that in black and white?'"

But Perry said he loves working with Danielle, whose character is currently pregnant.

"The way she's come on since her first day has been amazing," he said. "Danielle reminds me a lot of Lacey (Turner) - she's such a cracking little actress."

The actor also insisted Billy would be up to the challenge of being a great-grandfather when Lola's baby arrives this summer.

"A baby story can go one of about 20 ways, so who knows what'll happen. But Billy will be by Lola's side," he said.


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