EastEnders star planned dream ending

EastEnders star Ricky Grover has said he had a dream ending planned for his late on-screen fiancée.

 Speaking to Inside Soap, Grover, who plays Andrew Cotton, said: "Andrew, Heather and George could've been a proper little family unit. They would have had a cottage, a pet dog and maybe their own pie-and-mash shop.

 "Andrew would have taught Heather to drive and she'd drag him along to George Michael conventions! "It's a tragedy that Heather was taken from Andrew. It's going to be hard for him to meet someone who can fill her shoes."

 Grover also spoke of his own sadness that Fergison's character had been killed off.

 He said: "It's really sad because when I initially joined the show, people used to send me letters telling me how pleased they were for Heather. The audience were over the moon that Heather had finally found someone and that she and Andrew were going to get their happy ending."

 Grover added: "I always knew EastEnders was a big show, but I didn't realise how massive it was. "I've had a lot of women come up and give me a cuddle and the fan mail I've received has been very positive.

 "People seem to feel sorry for Andrew, so I hope that one day he'll get his happy ending."


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