Himesh Patel: The Masoods are 'set for more woe'

EastEnders star Himesh Patel has hinted that the Masoods' woes are not yet over.

The family, who agree to make a fresh start after their experiences with evil Yusef Khan and the B&B fire, are set for more difficult times, revealed the actor, who plays middle son Tamwar.

"There's so many loose ends to tie up, so we're still exploring it. But it does move on," he told This Morning.

Himesh's EastEnders alter-ego is feeling insecure about the scars he suffered on his back in the Christmas blaze, and is upset when he finds out that his wife Afia has been checking out plastic surgery websites.

"He's a bit hurt. He thinks that his wife doesn't like the way he looks and she wants to change him. But I think she just wants him to feel better about himself, because she can see what it's doing to him," the 21-year-old continued.

Himesh admitted he felt uncomfortable taking off his shirt for the scenes, where Tamwar shows his scars.

"When we filmed that, it was early morning and it was freezing. We were in the corner of the studio where the draught comes in. I didn't enjoy it at all!"


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