Janine kidnapped on wedding day?

EastEnders' Janine Malloy could be kidnapped on her wedding day.
The Walford baddie played by Charlie Brooks thought she was destined for a happy ending with husband-to-be Michael Moon, but little does she realise she has met her match in the devious schemer.
With Michael desperate to get his hands on Janine's millions, he looks set to set up a fake kidnap of the businesswoman and then pocket the ransom money himself.
Steve told Soaplife magazine: "Her insistence that he sign a pre-nup suggests she doesn't trust him. If they pulled in the same direction, they could make a great team. But they do have this power struggle going on. Michael's definitely plotting something.
"I see him as a functioning psychopath. He's not quit enough of a psychopath to be certifiable but he's able to act without emotion. He can close off his compassion and be very cold."
Charlie is set to take a break from 'EastEnders' this summer, following a series of "explosive" storylines which will see her alter-ego fall pregnant.
She recently said: "Baby. I think that's about all I can say really as that's all I know. I've got six months off in August so we're having the bump, but I won't have to deal with prams and stuff in extra small doors on the set."
A spokesperson for the BBC One confirmed: "Charlie will be taking a break from 'EastEnders' later this year. Over the coming months there will be a lot of unexpected twists and turns and the story is bound to be explosive."


Dee said…
This is a weird storyline - Michael supposedly really loves Janine, and once he marries her he'll be living a high life anyway. What motivation does he have to steal any of it?
I_Rex.O said…
Thats true dont make sense at all
Anonymous said…
Weird. If anyone was to kidnap Janine surely it would be someone like Derek or Phil to get revenge
Anonymous said…
This is a weird story line because if they're going to get married then the money should be shared ± what would happen to their baby ?

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