Nicola Stapleton's co-star scared of fight scenes

EastEnders actress Nicola Stapleton has revealed that while she might have a fiery relationship with co-star Victoria Alcock on screen, she is completely different once the cameras stop rolling. 

Speaking to Inside Soap magazine Nicola said that Victoria who plays her screen mum Lorraine was nervous while filming a scene in which the pair have a cat fight. 

"Vicky, bless her, is such a gentle soul that she got really panicky while we were filming the violent scenes," Nicola revealed.

"She kept saying to me, 'I don't really want to hurt you'. She's a real sweetheart in real life." 

Nicola who previously starred with Victoria in the prison drama Bad Girls added that she had been determined to make the fight look as realistic as possible. 

She said: "I would say to Vicky, 'Just do it! I'll poke you in the eye when we've finished - I'll get you back!' "They were really funny scenes to film."


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