Nina Wadia: Zainab needs a makeover

EastEnders star Nina Wadia has revealed that she would love her character Zainab to get a makeover, after all the troubles she has faced.

Next week's episodes will see her character confiding in Syed's boyfriend Christian, and begging for his forgiveness following everything she has been through - and now she is secretly hoping that the hairdresser might work his magic on her.

"I hope Zainab and Christian can start spending some time together, now it's all water under the bridge," Nina told Inside Soap.

"Maybe they could go out shopping. Christian could give Zainab a makeover - I'd really like to have a Jessie J bob!"

Nina added that all the hard-hitting scenes she has filmed recently have taken their toll, leaving her drained.

"About three weeks in, it kind of hit me and I burst into tears on set!" she admitted. "You take on a lot so you can make the story seem real, and I hadn't really dealt with it."


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