Ricky Grover: 'My tears were real'

EastEnders star Ricky Grover says he cried for real over Heather Trott's death.

The soap star plays Andrew Cotton who returned to Albert Square to learn his fiancee Heather - played by Cheryl Fergison - had been murdered.

Ricky told ITV's Lorraine he was sad Cheryl had left the soap: "There were genuine tears there. There was no tearstick needed!"

And the 50-year-old comedian, who is set to remain in the soap after his contract was renewed, was able to see the funny side of Andrew being framed for the murder.

He laughed: "I get the blame for everything, me! I don't know what I can do right. It's all going to point towards me, because we've seen Andrew's temper a little bit."

Ricky feels right at home in EastEnders. He said: "For me, it's like being in my front room - I love it! Everyone talks the way I talk, so it's not really like acting for me."


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