Steve John Shepherd: 'Playing a bad boy is fun'

EastEnders star Steve John Shepherd has said he doesn't think he'll ever tire of Michael Moon being mean.

The actor, 38, who also appeared in Being Human and the film Layer Cake, has been playing the Albert Square bad boy since 2010 and revealed he has no plans to leave 'for a while'.

Steve said: "I think I'm probably just going to be mean to people, which is what I specialise in."

He insisted he didn't get bored of playing a bad boy, adding: "Not if it's pretend, it's fine. It can be a lot of fun really."

Michael Moon and Janine Butcher are currently expecting a baby together in the soap, but Steve has previously said the relationship between two of EastEnders' nastiest characters will not last.

Steve attended the First Light Awards 2012 at the BFI on London's South Bank to help present awards to budding young film-makers.

He revealed Robert De Niro was one of his heroes in the film world and had inspired him to become an actor.


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