EastEnders set for Queen Vic catfight

It is reported that Bianca Butcher will be in the thick of the action once again in an upcoming episode of EastEnders.

The Daily Star reports that Bianca will take a swing at Roxy Mitchell in the Queen Vic when she makes a comment about the way Bianca raises her children.

Bianca's uncles Jack and Derek Branning  have to separate the pair.

An EastEnders source said: "Bianca is desperate for cash to make ends meet so she starts selling make-up out on the Square.

"When she notices some has gone missing she puts two and two together and thinks Shenice has taken it while playing with her kids.

"She storms into the pub and accuses the youngster, which Roxy thinks is bang out of order.

"The pair have one hell of a slanging match in front of the entire pub and Bianca goes for her.

"It's not pretty and Bianca doesn't do herself any favours. She's skint and desperate and selling the make-up was her only hope of getting her hands on money to pay the bills.

"Things really aren't going very well for her at the moment."

The episode will air on BBC One and RTÉ One on Tuesday April 17.



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