EastEnders Star 'Doesn't Want Roxy, Alfie Affair'

EastEnders star Rita Simons has said she doesn't think it is the right time for her character Roxy Mitchell to embark on an affair with Alfie Moon.

The fiesty blonde will be seen next week admitting to the pub boss, played by Shane Richie, that she loves him.

Simons told All About Soap: "Roxy knows it can't happen, but she can't help being in love with him. She leaves The Vic and says she just can't work there any longer. She just decides she has to leave because he goes on and on about Kat. It's too much for her."

Asked if she wants them to have an affair, she mused: "At this point, no, I don't. It's much nicer as a slow-burning thing - you get to play stuff with more depth as you've had time to live with it. Then the audience will hopefully invest a bit more into each part of the storyline."

On the possibility of Kat finding out, she said: "I imagine it would be the cat fight of the year on Albert Square. I am sure it will happen eventually, but I really don't know when that will be. So just watch this space."


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