EastEnders Sunday omnibus axed by the BBC

The BBC has confirmed that the soap's weekly omnibus will be moved to late on Friday nights through to early Saturday mornings.

The change in scheduling first occurred on Friday April 6, but viewers were not made aware that it would be permanent until this week.

There has been a round-up of the week's episodes on Sundays since the programme first aired in 1985, but, to the horror of 'Enders fans, from now on the chance to catch up will be 12.05am Saturday morning, finishing at 2am.

An EastEnders spokeswoman said: "Viewers now catch up on EastEnders through a variety of means such as the PVR, our BBC3 repeat or on iPlayer. We’ve therefore decided to move the omnibus slot to later on Friday nights. This slot is closer to the original transmissions and will be more consistent as it will not need to be moved for sporting commitments."

Many fans of the soap will find it difficult to see the late night showing. Viewing figures for the first week of the change stood at 477,000, as compared with 792, 000 for the final Sunday omnibus the previous week.


Elizabeth G. from the Netherlands said…
This is one big 'screw you guys' to all the viewers outside of the UK whom can't use the iplayer, don't have BBC 3 and can't watch on week nights. Youtube you say? No episode is shown as a whole episode, it's always chopped in two, which means we loose some minutes and might loose vital information that's been given in those minutes.

BBC, what are you playing at?
Anonymous said…
And what about your older viewers that don't know how to use a computer to accsess iplayer?? And that don't know how to use their freeview box? Its a disgrace.
Anonymous said…
This robs the viewer on many levels. This is such a stupid thing to do. I want a movie on Friday night and to sprawl on the sofa watching Eastenders after Sunday lunch. The reverse doesn't work, especially if Sunday afternoon becomes another dose of sport. Other channels will need to be sourced.

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