Nina Wadia: I miss Masood humour

EastEnders star Nina Wadia has admitted that she is keen to see more humorous scenes for the Masood family.

Wadia, who plays the part of Zainab on the hit TV soap, experienced difficult times on Albert Square last year as her abusive relationship with Yusef Khan took its toll.

Speaking on This Morning Wadia said: "It wasn't pleasant. I did a bit of research talking to a lot of women who'd been through quite abusive relationships. Their stories alone upset me, and then to actually play it - Ace is quite realistic in his portrayal of things, so I took away quite a few real bruises!"

When asked if her character will see more positive storylines she said: "I don't think she can get any worse! Yes, I am - I miss all of the Masood humour. I'm so glad that Christian and Zainab have sorted their problems out - I'm getting less abuse on the street because of that!

"And I love working with Di [Parish] with the Denise-Zainab relationship. I look forward to when scenes with those two are written in - she's just a gem to work with."


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