Patsy Palmer: 'EastEnders could write Bianca out'

Patsy Palmer is aware that her EastEnders alter-ego may be written out in the future.

The 39-year-old actress, who is taking a six-month break from mouthy market seller Bianca Butcher, acknowledged that writers may make the decision to axe her character from the BBC soap one day.

"I'm really grateful that I've got such a good job, but at the same time I don't get paid for not going to work so in effect I'm losing out on six months worth of wages," she said on This Morning.

"You never know when they're going to do that on EastEnders. Obviously some amazing characters have been written out or died. They haven't written me out yet, but you never know."


Amit Patel said…
boring character! not disappointed a bit!
Eric Marks said…
I am upset that they are taking her off, she added a lot to the plot. we will miss her!
Jane Howard said…
agree with Amit.
Anonymous said…
Love love love her they shouldn't write her out she holds the butcher family together bring bk Ricky too was class with them in x
Anonymous said…
Keep her in xxx

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