Janine in wedding day drama?

EastEnders character Janine Butcher, who is played by Charlie Brooks, will reportedly go into labour three months early - on her wedding day.

According to the Daily Star Sunday, Janine fears she will lose the baby when she collapses in agony and starts bleeding as she weds Michael Moon.

An EastEnders insider told the newspaper: "This is Janine's wedding so it had to be big. Ever since she inherited her gran's money she's become the most powerful and richest woman in Walford.

"Janine has spent loads on her big day, making sure everything is the best money can buy. This has left Michael feeling inferior and as we've already seen, he's turned back to his dark side.

"He's been conning money out of Jean Slater, getting her to trust him and there is lots more between these two coming up, which all comes to a head on his wedding day.

"All hell is going to break loose. There's also the small matter of Jean's niece Kat Moon coming back soon. There's no way Michael would've been able to manipulate Jean the way he has if she'd been around.

"We've already filmed the wedding and the fans can expect high drama, lots of emotion and one or two surprises. People will be shouting at their TVs for Janine not to marry Michael."


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