Meryl Fernandes exits EastEnders

Meryl Fernandes is leaving EastEnders, with her alter-ego Afia's final scenes being shown early next month.

Viewers will see restaurateur Afia Masood's exit storyline as problems with screen husband Tamwar (Himesh Patel) worsen.

An EastEnders spokesperson confirmed: "Meryl Fernandes recently finished filming her final scenes at EastEnders, which will be on screen next month."

A show insider added: "Since the traumatic events of the fire, things have not been the same in Tamwar and Afia's relationship.

"As their issues worsen, they are forced to decide whether their marriage is worth fighting for or whether they have grown apart."

Viewers have watched their problems escalate since the B&B fire at Christmas and the Masood family's problems with GP Yusef Khan.

Meryl, 29, has been full-time on EastEnders soap since late 2010.


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