Nina Wadia calls EastEnders role 'therapeutic'

EastEnders actress Nina Wadia has said she loves playing the role of Zainab Khan because it helps her get all of her stress out on set.

Speaking at the British Soap awards the actress admitted it was the character's confrontational nature which made her so much fun to play.

"It's great because I don't take things out on my real husband, I take it out on the fake husbands instead," she said.

"It's quite therapeutic as far as I'm concerned."

And following a turbulent few months for Zainab in which she confessed to her family that she sent husband Yusef to his death in the burning B&B over Christmas.

Nina added she would like to see some "happy times" ahead for the character.

"I think she needs to move on and be happy again, that would be a bit of fun, but who knows what the year holds," she said.


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