Spoilers for 5-8 June 2012

Tuesday 5 June 2012

Jean is horrified to discover that Michael's investment scheme doesn't exist, and with The Vic low on stock, Roxy soon becomes suspicious.

Michael is back on The Square, but will he save Jean in time?

Meanwhile, following Masood's strange behaviour, Zainab questions whether he is having an affair - and is shocked by his response.

Wednesday 6 June 2012  
Hour-long episode 

Michael goes to extreme lengths to discredit Jean - but will his plan pay off?

Meanwhile, Zainab tries to convince Afia and Tamwar to save their marriage, but can she curb Afia's desire for adventure?

Elsewhere, Masood's secret desire is revealed to a shocked Zainab.

Thursday 7 June 2012

Roxy is desperate for Alfie to return to help find the missing money, but is disheartened when he arrives back with Kat.

Meanwhile, Tamwar and Afia confront the problems in their marriage - but do they have the strength to overcome them?

Elsewhere, Derek offers to help Lucy, who is struggling with supplies for the cafĂ©. However, she soon realizes that his nice guy routine is all an act.

Friday 8 June 2012

There are fireworks all round, as Kat kicks Roxy out of The Vic and confronts Michael.

Meanwhile, Alfie kick-starts Queen Vic FC, seeing a great money spinning opportunity.

Elsewhere, Lucy seeks revenge on Derek, but it is Alice who is in her firing line.


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