Gillian Wright: 'Jean shouldn't be a victim'

EastEnders star Gillian Wright has said that she is delighted to see Jean Slater standing up for herself in her current storyline.
Jean has spent the past few weeks trying to prove that Michael Moon has tricked her.

Speaking on This Morning, Wright explained that she was determined to show Jean's tough side while her character went through an emotional battle.

She said: "Jean is a victim and the storyline is about a victim, I suppose. [But] I didn't want it to be played as a victim. So I'm looking for any opportunity for her to seize her own power.

"Sometimes that might be the smallest thing, like breaking into somebody's house and searching. That's a big thing - hiding under a table is a big thing!"

When asked how she prepares for the intense scenes she said: "We work so fast, and we shoot not in story order, so we're really basically just on the floor and we're dealing with where the director wants us, what the scene's going to be about and then we just shoot. There isn't really that much time to discuss or play."

She added: "When you have a wonderful storyline like this, they don't come along all the time - [so] you have to get yourself in a place where the tears are ready to be produced or the anger is ready to be produced."


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