Kat Moon in new affair storyline

Jessie Wallace will make her EastEnders comeback with a plot that will see her character cheat on husband Alfie Moon, according to reports.

The actress returns to the BBC One soap on Thursday night's show after taking time off following her split from fiance Vince Morse just hours before they were due to get married.

The Sun reported that five of the Square's characters Ray Dixon, Michael Moon and Branning family members Max, Derek and Jack - could be the man Kat has an affair with, but that bosses are keen to keep his identity under wraps.

In the storyline starting next month, the Queen Vic landlady begins the affair after discovering that her feelings for Alfie have faded.

An insider told The Sun: "Kat returns but she soon feels the spark has fizzled out with Alfie.

"She finds it hard to resist when someone else showers her with affection. Kat tries to call off her affair but she finds her mystery lover impossible to resist.

"Viewers will be left guessing who Kat's mystery man is."

In real life, Jessie is reported to be dating Tim Arnold, a former rock singer and godson to her co-star June Brown.


Anonymous said…
I wonder what week its gonna be? can't wait to watch it.
Anonymous said…
I used to love Kat and Alfie together; couldn't get enough of them when they returned to the Square together.
Kat looks more the tough tart than ever, and the magic is gone.
When all else fails, bring on the extra marital affair, it's just too predictably disappointing.
Anonymous said…
I live in Australia and here we are around a month behind..., so I have no idea what is happening
:( :(:(:(:(
Anonymous said…
I'm so sick of Kat having storylines with affairs. As said above, predictable.
Anonymous said…
I wonder what's behind Kat's need to have affairs constantly?

I like her toughness, but she can also be very kind, supportive and loving.

She and Alfie were so good together and so worth watching.

You couldn't find a better guy than Alfie, he's almost every woman's dream.

Why do the writers want them split up?

Having quickies in back alleys is an ugly way for a mature character to carry on; doesn't make sense either.
I'd go so far as saying "boring, yawn...".
Anonymous said…
How can kat do that to Alfie? It's like if Alfie had an affair with Roxy,Kat would have gone mad! And why is she always having an affair!?
Anonymous said…
I agree its boreing and annoying as id liek to see kat and alfie together being the best couple but maybe this story turns into alfie and roxy?..
Anonymous said…
I agree this story line is boring we have seen it all before good old kat moon having an affair is this all kat is worth could the writers not come up with something better than recycled story lines yawn yawn yawn
@PwincessSumzi said…
I know its max :D Follow meh om twitter @PwincessSumzi
@PwincessSumzi said…
I know its max :D follow meh on twitter @PwincessSumzi
@PwincessSumzi said…
I know its max :D follow meh o twiiter @PwincessSumzi
Anonymous said…
Possibly Masood?
Anonymous said…
The colour and shape of the hand shown last night leaves only masood or fatboy. Fatboy would be an interesting storyline!
Anonymous said…
that's what i thought too, fatboy, but talk about cradle robbing, fatboy just doesn't seem the kind of guy to go after someone like kat, old enough to be his mama.

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